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Thursday, 18 April 2013 09:49

Great pain relief

Published in Recent Installations Written by Lakeland Spas

I was considering buying a cheap spa off ther internet but after visiting Lakeland spas @ Hougton Hall ad looking at their range and listing the services they could offer us I decided to buy local. I am waiting for a new hip and it gives me alot of pain, I find that the hottub is the only place i can get any pain releif. We go in it every night. It was my wife who initallu wanted it but I am really pleased with it and the service I have received from Mark and Catherine. Mr and Mrs Philips. Penrith

Thursday, 18 April 2013 09:43

We love our hottub

Published in Recent Installations Written by Lakeland Spas

When we bought our hottub we did not realise how much we would love it and how often we would use it! The colder the weather the better! Thought the novelity would wear off but we all love it even our young boys! We had the Party spa its great value for money. Excellcent customer service and after service! Proper family business, thanks for everything! Would recommend to all our friends. Mr and Mrs Vallance and the boys

Thursday, 18 April 2013 09:38

Thank you

Published in Recent Installations Written by Lakeland Spas

We purchased our hottub in November, it was installed just before Christmas. We spent Christmas morning in it.. Unbeleivable! As a family we use the hot tub most days. We enjoy a Sunday morning chilling out with a cuppa. The boys are their own time slots with their friends! We love having the music on and were already thinking of buying a bigger one! Thanks Lakeland Spas- The Moore family

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