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Julie Danielson

11 month ago I spoke to Cathy looking for hydro pool advice for my daughter! At the time we had fights on our hands with doctors and hospitals all over the north east of England trying to get a diagnosis for her! Ava wasn't responding to Physio or OT so was prescribed water therapy.. not available on the NHS!

The next day changed my daughters life! Cathy and Mark offered us a hot tub that needed a little TLC and asked if we could get it up n running! 

The next weekend we visited their beautiful showroom and left with a hot tub complete with accessories! The next few weeks were fun and games and with thanks to family and friends Ava had a working hot tub within weeks! Things have progressed since then and we have an all weather shelter, heating, sensory lighting and sound system!

Ava uses her hot tub to relax and calm her especially if she's had a stressful day at hospital or if she's feeling under the weather! Her group of doctors and specialists constructed a hot tub OT plan! Specifically aimed at fine and gross motor skills, improving the strength in her joints and to improve her confidence in water but in herself also!

On finishing this summer term at school Ava was awarded 'most improvement in fine motor skills ' award and her water therapy has finally led to a diagnosis! Cathy and Mark have supported us all year and I must reiterate we did not know either of them before all of this!

At a time when every way we turned came to a dead end and we felt that every system was failing us Cathy and Mark found it in themselves to help her! Words really do not express how thankful we are!

Ava turns 7 in a few weeks time and all her special little friends from school are looking forward to her 'splash party' in her very own garden!

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