purchased a hot tub?

Below is a comission guide regarding what to do next…

Thank you for your recent purchase with us! Please have a read of this information so you are ready for your new spa.


We try very hard to deliver your spa on the day you require it. However, if there are adverse weather conditions i.e., heavy rain and high winds, we may have to rebook but we will always keep you informed. As we have many deliveries to make, please try to give us at least two weeks notice to arrange your delivery date. Delivery of your spa will be either AM or PM – we are unable to give an exact time, so we recommend that someone is available all day to accept delivery – We will contact approx 1 hour before arrival – a contact number is required so please ensure you leave one with us at time of order.

Once you place your order on your spa and paid your deposit, it is immediately ordered from our supplier to secure it from stock. Once this has been actioned, we regret that your deposit is strictly non-refundable. Full and final balance must be paid 7 days prior to the agreed delivery date. Payment is accepted by cash, card, or bank transfer (the cheque must clear before delivery) – We are unable to deliver you spa until full payment has been received and cleared.

Once we have agreed a delivery date it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is prepared (electrics, base etc).


We will supply you with the spas dimensions so please check we will have enough room to access and site the spa (if there are any doubts about access, please let us know at time of order as we can arrange a site survey).

Please allow a bit extra to allow for packaging and trolley. Things to check are:

* Are doors, gateways, or alleyways wide enough?

* Does the spa have to be taken over gravel or grass? (We do have boards if required)

* Have you considered obstructions such as drainpipes, shelves, guttering taps etc?

* Is there enough room for turning the spa in tight corners?

* Are there any steep slopes or walls? (We can manage small slopes/walls with extra labour on site to help take the spa off the trolley and manoeuvre it into position. However, for larger walls/slopes a crane may be required – we can offer this however it must be booked and paid for prior to installation) We recommend lawsons in Cockermouth and you pay them direct.

* Is there enough room around the spa to access once in position? (We recommend that there is access from all four sides, however the most important access point is under the control panel)

*If you choose to have the spa installed with limited access then we are not liable for extra costs incurred to access for repairs or service.


The spa will be delivered on a trailer approximately 4m long and 2.3m wide, please ensure that there is adequate access for the vehicle to reach your house/driveway. The spa will be sited using a trolley. The spa will be mounted sideways onto the trolley, so the depth becomes width, and the length becomes the height.


There must be an appropriate base to hold the weight of the spa (e.g., concrete, slabs on sand, gravel or decking) The base must be on a solid, level foundation. We WILL NOT leave the spa on grass as it will sink and damage your lawn and or spa.

electricity supply

There must be an appropriate electrical supply – 13 or 32amp etc dependant on the specification of the spa (we will confirm this at time of order).

If your spa is 13amp it will run off a standard 13amp socket, however we recommend it is hard wired into the main fuse board of its own RCD.

20 and 32amp spas MUST be protected by means of a residual current device (RCD) which should ideally be fitted inside your house. Any buried or exposed cable should be armoured or protected by suitable means and should terminate at the site of the spa. You will also need sufficient cable wired into the RCD for our techs to wire your hot tub up to. We usually recommend however far away your hot tub is from the electrical point plus an extra 2 metres. The type of cable you will need to connect your hot tub to the electrics is 6mm flexi armoured SY cable

We then hard wire your cable into the control pack. It is recommended you run the cable through an isolation switch; this must be waterproof and sited at least 2 meters away in accordance with IEE regulations. Lakeland Spas are not qualified to install electric cable – if this is not ready when we come, we will have to re-book another installation date, and this will incur a surcharge.

If you are unsure of any of the information, please do not hesitate to contact us or get the electrician to give us ring. Please note that the RCD or isolation switch must NEVER be fitted inside the spa cabinet and should always have a suitable wire coming out from the switch for us to wire the spa up too as we CANNOT wire into the isolation switch that is the electrician’s job. Any work should be carried out be a qualified electrician and they should present you with a certificate for the electrical work they have done.

water supply

There must be an appropriate water supply to fill the spa – this is usually done with a hosepipe.
There is no need for a permanent water supply to the spa.

We are more than happy to assist you in any way after your initial purchase as that’s what we are here for but please be aware we are not responsible for the failure of any of the above to be done correctly, if you are unsure at any time regarding the above information, we are only a phone call away.

If you have any more questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01228402651 or via email info@lakelandspas.co.uk.

thank you